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Šunka Bečva


Šunka Bečva
90 years of Váhala
Váhala 90 years
Váhala 90 years

Bambini ham


Bambini ham

Spekacek extra - tied


Spekacek extra - tied
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Váhala 90 years

Honest craftsmanship since 1933

When our grandfather Robert Váhala founded his business, he wanted his customers to enjoy themselves. He relied on selected raw materials and honest butchery. What people valued during the time of the First Republic, we still offer customers today. We continue the tradition, further develop family recipes and bring the highest quality to all lovers of good food.

Robert Váhala

Award-winning delicacies

Why buy products from us

Established in 1933

We know our trade perfectly and perform it honestly. We rely on traditional recipes and regularly check the taste of our products.

We care about preserving the original quality and honest taste

You can buy our products in our shops, independent shops and at retail chains.

Our products are only made from meat and spices.

We never add any meat substitutes, such as flour, soya or fillers, and we minimise the use of additives to the lowest possible amount. The vast majority of our products are gluten-free, so even people with coeliac disease can enjoy them without worry.